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Enjoy the Global Ramzaan event in Pictures

Ramadan 2013 Celebrations Around the World

Enjoy the Global Ramzaan  event  in Pictures

Click below links :


IF you are on FB , then you can join below  page and enjoy HD Ramadan pics  ( You must Joing the page and Like it )

There are pictures of people cooking, sleeping, offering flowers at the graves of loved ones, feasting, cleaning and (yes) praying to Allah.. I absolutely love the diversity of Muslims shown in these pictures We are part of this globalized world .

Beautiful – pix like these can help reduce the fear of the unknown / of muslims as somehow ‘strange’ to people of other cultures – and see that they’re just people – doing beautiful things – in beautiful places – their culture has value – and is worthy of respect.

All of these photos from around the world shows some sign to the people of understanding that Islam is a Universal religion, and the culture  is so synchronized globally that everyone is following our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW equally and in a similar manner , maintaining the legacy of islam for the sake of Allah .  

Unlike any other religion or event we are part of this greatest Global Islamic event., in short Islam is a Universal religion. 


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