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Guarding the modesty..

Famous Moghul  Aurangzeb’s young daughter fell sick and it was severe. The Royal Hakeem was called for and he asked the princess to show her palms so that he can examine the pulse beats. The young girl refused.She was too modest and shy to show her palm to a Non Mahram.One of my friend’s daughter is only 7 but whenever the door bell rings, she rushes to her bedroom and comes out with a scarf. Whenever Moulana Abul Kalam Azad’s wife was alone she never picked up the phone no matter how long it rang. She avoided to talk to Non Mahram. Islamic directory is full of the names of such women who have carried the banner of modesty through out their lives.

  But on the other hand we have immodesty creeping in our lives un resisted. Our moral walls are proving to be too weak to halt the invasion of obscenity.Many of us don’t even realize the presence of obscenity around them .  Let me explain you with an example. If you happen to visit a fish market you will get irritated by its smell. But if you continue staying there then your nose will have no problem. The reason? Your nose get habituated with the smell so it wont pinch you. In the same manner if some one visits an obscene channel or watches dirty movie for the first time he will feel ashamed and upset. It is human to feel the shame. But once he is regular, his moral is like that nose which has adjusted with the smell of fish. He doesn’t feel irritated nor upset upon watching love scenes in  movies, TV serials, comedy, songs , fashion shows along with the whole family  in front of a plasma TV.  The reason is simple.  He is habituated with immodesty. Those who feel bad  they just give  an excuse of being helpless.


Salman Farsi r.a. said : It is a big act of immodesty to peep into some one’s bedroom to enjoy someone’s private moments with his spouse. What Salman Farsi said 1400 years ago holds true even today.That reminds me a thought provoking hadith that can be fitted into today’s’ time . A man said to the Messenger of Allah : There is a hold in your wall and I peeped through it to see my beloved Prophet. The Prophet (pbuh) got disturbed. He replied: Had I knew that you were peeping in my house I would have hit your eyes with a sharp object. ..


~~See the reference to the hadith

Sahih Bukhari Volume 008, Book 074, Hadith Number 258.

Sahih Bukhari Book 74. Asking Permission
Narated By Sahl bin Sa’d : A man peeped through a round hole into the dwelling place of the Prophet, while the Prophet had a Midray (an iron comb) with which he was scratching his head. the Prophet said, ” Had known you were looking (through the hole), I would have pierced your eye with it (i.e., the comb).” Verily! The order of taking permission to enter has been enjoined because of that sight, (that one should not look unlawfully at the state of others). (See Hadith No. 807, Vol. 7)

  But today people peep in the bedrooms of others. They entertain themselves when two Non Mahram make love before the cameras and audience. Other people’s bedroom acts are now open for public. They are cheered as Super Stars.  No movie can catch audience if there are no love scenes. No song can be hit unless it has a love scene.Love scenes are getting more vulgar but they are  welcomed and served as  BOLD SCENES.VULGARITY  is renamed as BOLD .It is a cut throat competition in the world of vulgarity.

Another sahih hadith says : A dayyus will not even smell the fragrance of  Paradise, whereas the fragrance of paradise is smelt from a distance of 500years travel ! Dayyus? A person who acts as an agent for his women ( wife, daughter, sister ) to do vulgarity… In today’s context the term ‘Dayyus” can be broadened in its meaning. It can include those fathers  and brothers and husbands who buy TV sets in their homes and make facilities for their wives, daugthers and sisters to peep in the bedroom of other people, while sitting in the company of family. It can include those grooms who stand before the visitors in their own wedding reception introducing their wives to all the Non Mahram guests turn by turn.

Every body knows the famous hadith : al haya minal Emaan. Haya is from Emaan…. So if Haya departs even the  faith is in danger.. it may follow faith while we remain Abdullahs, and Maryams  in the list of Governments thinking ourselves to be a candidate of Paradise.

People who are ignorant of the teachings of the Prophet (saws) do not concern themselves with Haya and Honour. Haya and Iman are interdependent; therefore either they both exist together or they both perish

Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) narrated that the Prophet (saw) said: “Indeed haya (modesty) and Iman are Companions. When one of them is lifted, the other leaves as well.” (Baihaqi)

The Prophet (saws) said: “Haya and Trustworthiness will be the first to go from this world; therefore keep asking Allah for them.” (Baihaqi)

In conclusion we must understand that Haya is important for both men and women. Men are to control themselves by getting married as young as possible or if they cannot afford that, they should fast. Women are told to conceal themselves so that the men will not be over taken by the whispers of Sheytan and will not disrespect or take advantage of the women. There are many verses in the Qur’an that have clearly explained how we have to behave and Allah is All-Knowing therefore He knew that we would face these problems living in this society, and that is no excuse to change Islam and only practice what we feel is right. Allah (swt) has told men how to guide their modesty and has told women how to guide their modesty. If either one of them refuse to follow the commandment of their Lord, may Allah have mercy on them and may He guide them to the straight path.

“Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do. And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modestythat they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty…….” (Qur’an Nur, 30-31)



When sins are performed in congregations it is the time for the punishment of Allah to descend.

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