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The Idle Muslim vs The Ideal Muslim

The Ideal American is among the most famous American Tv program. Though it has invented a new brand of an Ideal American, yet the Ideal American is now a singer, a dancer, a smart ready to reply , not ashamed of his own fashionable inventions but has projects of becoming famous and wealthy. This has groomed a generation of young idle Americans who sit before the Tv for hours wasting youth just watching vulgar reality shows, Mtv , fashion shows … Let it not happen to us

A young Muslim met me over a lunch and he was very enthusiastic about deen. He had read a lot of fatawas and seerah and knew a lot about Sunnah. “How do you spread what you have learnt”? I asked him. The answer is one of the most common answers we get from young budding da’ees.

” I want to do many good things, start a public library and dawah center, help the orphans, and give talks to the masses….!”
” What are you doing now a days ? ”
“Very little or nothing ” he replied.

There are scores of young muslims, girls and boys who are passionate to be Ideal Muslims. But many of them remain idle and day dream of reaching the heights of taqwa. There is a difference between being an Ideal Muslim and remaining an Idle Muslim.

An Ideal Muslim picks up realistic dreams and starts with what ever he can. An Idle Muslim just thinks of becoming something big before he starts any thing.

An Ideal Muslim does not chase wealth or fame but he looks for Allah’s pleasure without counting his laurels. An Idle Muslim is a day dreamer and wanders among fantasy clouds of doing this and that thus missing out important opporunities that comes in small sizes but could have been bricks of his solid foundations.

An Ideal Muslim does not waste his time gossiping and chatting on matters that neither benefit hid worldly need or his akhera. Surah Furqan says.. the Worshipper of Rahman are those who when pass by useless talks, pass away gallantly… the verse further says.. when they are bothered by ignorant (time wasters, gossipers etc.) they say salam…

An Ideal Muslim chooses a good Mominah and starts his family without much delay. He is not fuzzy about his choice. An idle Muslim waits for becoming richer and hopes for a extremely beautiful girl for a long time.

An Ideal Muslim begins earning halal income as an early start. He is more concerned about the source of income rather than “Come any way I want it “.

An Ideal Muslim learns deen and gives it a priority in allotting time. An Idle Muslim procastinates if for the next day.

An Ideal Muslim hunts for opportunities to do good. An Idle Muslims claims to do good but leaves off when it comes on his way.

Allah will not question you for what you can’t do. He will not ask you about why you didn’t start a huge Orphange but He may ask you why you missed out an opportunity of helping an orphan from your own relatives or neighbours. So get started soon instead of sitting idle. Do small good things in a big way Inshallah they will grow into a huge fruit giving trees in your Jannah


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