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When Nations Fall ! Lessons from the History

Some one has rightly quoted :Knowledge of the past is a key to understanding the present…. The human history carries in its pages the downfalll of nations after nations. The Qur’an notes some of the biggest down falls and the lessons along with it. In a way there are six big Nations mentioned in the Qur’an which fell down on its head. The people of the Noah, The People of A’ad, The people of Thamud, The People of Lut, The People of Midyan and then Bani Israel. All the first five Nations had a supreme destruction except Bani Israel. The destruction of Bani Israel is yet to come albeit at the hand of Isa ibn Maryam (pbuh)

The are two types of downfall, which can be further classified into multiple other types of falls. The first is the complete destruction like the above mentioned nations faced, the next is the destruction of our power and your might but you continue to stay in the world though with a wreched life i.e.e poverty, unemployment, corruption moral and economical….. If you study carefully, the past century saw the fall of big nations. The Soviet Union was made up of 15 Republics and ruled over one sixth of the world’s land. Today thousands of daughters of The Ruined Empire export them selves to various countries, packed as prostitutes. Those who have been to Dubai will agree with me.

Before that UK was a big power, who boasted that the sun never sets on the British empire. They ruled Indian sub continent for almost two hundred years. These two supreme power met their down fall on the way when their armies visited Afghanistan to rule over them. As Robert Fisk, my favorite author on the Middle East mentions : Afghanistan is the grave yard of super empires….it is easy to enter but difficult to go out from it….. The American Presidents may not agree today but their historians will definitely agree tomorrow whereas their eco scientists and socio scientists have already begun to agree and are warning the nation to check their appetite for plundering the natural wealth of the other nations.

Jim Nelson Black has written a good book “When Nations Die”….and has listed some of the common signs and symptoms…, skepticism (meaning:doubt as to the truth of something.), weariness (meaning: extreme tiredness ), superstition, a preoccupation with self.. promotion of the wrong people, the urge to over spend and A RISE OF LIBERAL OPINION- that is the popularization of attitudes and policies controlled by sentiment rather than sound moral judgment”

US is undergoing this down fall in a unique manner and I as a good Muslim pity for them. Look at their society and study it. If a society produces street predators and white collar criminals then it has to pay for prison cells. A society in which drug use is rampant must pay for drug treatment centers. The breaking up of families, the death of thousands of its soldiers… means a huge burden on the taxpayers to run foster homes and homes for old ages and pensions. No Nation can continue without moral character and God’s blessing.

The down fall of Israel has been a continues process. If you study Surah Yusuf, it speaks about the grand entry of the Bani Israel in Egypt, and Surah Taha tells us that their exit was also a grand one when they saw Pharaoh along with his entire army being drowned in front of their own eyes. Though this race was once ” the chosen people of God”. They had clouds shading them in the deserts, food coming from the heaven,Prophets after prophets and kings after kings among them yet what happened? Their history tell us about their captivity by the Pharaoh in Egypt,, Assyrians and the Babylonians followed by the crusaders and finally Hitler!

The Muslim Nations are the next one in the firing line. We are loosing our daughters to fashion and music maniacs (meaning: a person exhibiting extremely wild or violent behavior) like Hana Montana.., our young men to smoking, time destructive sports and movies, our money to buy un needed luxury brands, our faith to shrines of dead saints and our lands to greedy army invading and destroying our infrastructures, hospitals schools, taking away our oil illegally….. just because they (America ) want to give us democracy…. no wonder History repeats itself because the world doesn’t learn.


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